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MCB2 - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

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  • Detection, localization and quantification of radioactive alpha, beta, gamma or X-ray contamination
  • Very easy-to-use, lightweight and stand-alone
  • Geiger Mueller detector with a 15 cm² and 2.0 mg/cm² end window
  • Audible chirper that is proportional to contamination level
  • Audio mute function for silent applications
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Three models available: c/s, Bq or CPM
  • Compliant with IEC

MCB2 is a stand-alone meter designed for detecting, locating and quantifying radioactive alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray contaminations. MCB2 is delivered with a metallic cover that protects the entrance grid and the thin detector window. This cover is thick enough to discriminate alpha/beta from gamma particles.

Units: cps, Bq, cpm
Detector: Geiger müller thin window 1,8 to 2,0 g/cm²
Detection area: 15,5 cm²
Range: 0-10 kcps
Energy range: Beta > 30keV
Gamma sensitivity: 5,8 cps/µSv/h @ 662 keV
Power: 2 x AA
Battery life: > 130h
Weigth: 330 g

Optional: Carrying bag EM78459