Tritium monitoring

Tritium or 3H is present in many nuclear processes and in in air is mostly available in the form of water vapor (H1H3O) or gaseous hydrogen (H1H3). Since the weak 18 keV Beta particles emitted by Tritium have a very short range (only a few millimeters in air), windowless detectors must be used, i.e. the air to be measured has to be added to the counting gas. For a continuous measurement, the counter tube must therefore operate in the flow-through mode.

Tritium in water require another type of technique to measure.

LB 110 - room or exhaust tritium measurement system

Part number: 80872-10

Part number: 80872-10 The air to be measured is mixed with a suitable counting gas and passed through a 1.3 liter volume proportional counter tube. Methane (mixing ratio air/gas 1:3) or Argon-Methane (P10, mixing ratio air/gas...

Bionix - portable tritium monitor

Due to an ultra high sensitivity, a good compactness and a long battery life, the Bionix is the perfect tool for your emergency units to detect Tritium in air or other β gases (Kr-85, Xe-133, C-14, etc). Its...

Mionix - mobile tritium monitor

The mobile tritium detector M ionix is used for real time monitoring of tritium levels and other ambient beta gases in the air. Mionix assures radioprotection for your  teams continuously during construction or as a...

DTionix - on-line tritium system

The DTionix analyzer is able to measure online and in real time the activity of Tritium or other Beta gases (Kr85, Xe133, C14,...), in air.