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Polaris-H - Spectroscopic Gamma Camera

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  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable. Weight 3.3 kg
  • 2-minute startup
  • Environments up to 5 mSv/hr
  • Automated ID and detection
  • 4π Compton imaging
  • >6-hour battery life
  • Waterproof enclosure (IP65)
  • Wireless tablet display
  • 6 cm³ CZT. Energy resolution better than 1.0%
  • No demand of external PC

Polaris-H is a gamma camera from H3D using compton scattering and operates without a collimator. The gamma-rays incoming to the detector are tracked as the scatter inside. Mathematical algorithms are used to retrace the paths of the gamma rays within the detector, and the results reveal the direction of the source. Polaris-H is a portable complete solution for the identification, quantification, and localization of gamma-ray sources at nuclear power plants.

Dimensions: 9.6 in x 3.5 in x 7.25 in (24 cm x 9 cm x 18 cm)
14.8 in x 4.7 in x 8.3 in (37 cm x 12 cm x 21 cm)with exoskeleton
Weight: 7.25 lbs(3.3 kg)  10.25 lbs(4.7 kg) with exoskeleton
Battery Life: >6 hours at 23°C (73°F). >3 hours at -15°C (5°F) or 50°C (122°F)
Power Supply:100-240 V, 47-63 Hz
Operating Temperature: -15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)
Startup Temperature: 4°C to 38°C (40°F to 100°F)
Storage Temperature:-18°C to 60°C (0°F to 140°F)
Ingress Protection: IP65
Tripod Mounts:1/4”-20 with reinforced thread. 3/8”-16 (with exoskeleton only)
System Cooling: Proprietary external heat sink and removable fan/shroud
User Service: Removable fan shroud; replaceable fan and fuse
Energy Resolution: ≤ 1.0% FWHM at 662 keV
Optical Field of View: >162°horizontal, >122°vertical
Radiation Field of View: 4π(360°) omnidirectional
Angular Precision: ±1°source localization for all 4π(real time)
Angular Resolution: ~30°FWHM for all 4π(real time).
~20°FWHM for all 4π(post processing)
Sensitivity: Detects 137Cs producing ~3 μR/hrin < 1 min (spectroscopy).
Localize point source of 137Cs producing ~3 μR/hrin < 5 min
Energy Range: 50 keV to 3 MeV (spectroscopy)
250 keVto 3 MeV (imaging)
Crystal Volume: 6 cm3CZT (CdZnTe)
Count-Rate Limit: 0.5 rem/hr(5 mSv/hr) bare-137Csequivalent

Isotope Library: Select from 3573 ENDFisotopes & user defined; unlimited
Startup Time:2 min
Display:7” 1280x800 HD tablet (mountable to exoskeleton)
Tablet Communication:Peer-to-peer Wifi or Bluetooth, or wired connection
Other Communication:Ethernet RJ45port; TCP/IP
Views:Spectrum, gamma image, optical image, composite image
Data Storage:Removable USB (16 GB) included

Warranty: 2 years (includes annual recalibration and software updates)
Includes: Visualizer 2.1 software for advanced post processing
Exoskeleton for drop protection and tablet mounting
Power/accessory cables, stylus, and tablet
Pelican™ Storm iM2300 Case

  • Routine monitoring and maintenance
  • Decommissioning operations
  • Emegencies, incidents and outages