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RTM91x Series Vehicle Monitors

Part number: 00911V000000, 00910V000000

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  • Monitoring of trucks or trains for radioactive material
  • Exceeds ANSI N42-35 and ITRAP requirements
  • Surveillance around the clock
  • Configuration to suit application
  • Minimum false alarm rate
  • Database for measurement results
  • Extendable with additional cameras, barriers, traffic lights or lighting

The well proven and reliable RTM910 or RTM911 vehicle monitors measures gamma radiation on trucks, trains or other vehicls. It has been tested and proven in many enviroments with a variety of functions – from nuclear facilities to harbour systems and steel plants. In case of alarm, it triggers a traffic light guiding the drive to do additional analysis. All data is being saved in a data base. The perfect ystem for heat plants, scrap yards, harbours, steel plants, nuclear facilities, etc. The system can be adjusted with additional lead shielding to achieve even higher MDA.