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LB 761 - GD Alpha/Beta Low-Level Counter for 200 mm Planchets

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The measuring system LB 761 GD α-β Low-Level Counter for 200 mm Planchets allows the simultaneous measurement of α- and β- activity of a sample in two separate measuring channels. The background count-rates of the system LB 761 are extraordinarily low, so that good detection limits can be achieved.

Counter: LB 6307 with sample tray

Lead shielding:10 cm thickness with 78 standard bricks, and 4 bricks machined, 4 pi shield to reduce ambient radiation. Weight 800 kg

Alpha-Beta Discriminator: LB 2018-1

Counting gas: Standard P-10 gas (Argon-Methane 90:10)


Operating voltage:

Measuring counter: 1300 V

Shielding counter: 1700 V

Window: Hostaphan-foil, alu-steamed on both sides 0.4 mg/cm²

Efficiency for extended soures: (sources 200 mm Ø, surface 11 mm each below upper edge of the tray, the efficiency can be inreased by placing the α-source on a higher level)

241Am: 18%

90Sr/90Y: 46%

14C: 26%

Background: (measured with a 200 mm tin-plated planchet)

α-channel: approx. 0.02 cps

β-channel: approx. 0.15 cps


β- in α-channel: < 0.01 α-counts per 1000 β-counts

α- in β-channel: depending on the type of nuclide and on self-absorption of the source. Typical value for 210Po 2 %

Dimensions of the counting chamber including shielding: 270 x 600 x 600 mm³ (H x W x L)

Low background system ideally suited for the measurement of alpha / beta emitting nuclides commonly used in these application areas:

  • Environmental labs
  • Health Physics
  • Radio Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Occupationals Health
  • Industrial Safety
  • Food & Drug Analysis
  • Nuclear Medicine