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Unquenched LSC Standard

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  • Set of H-3, C14 and Blank 

Hidex Unquenched standards for LSC provide reliable and NIST traceable tools for instrument performance validation. The standards are manufactured under strict quality control measures and have a shelf-life of five years. Hidex standards meet GLP requirements. Unquenched standard set includes H-3, C-14 and Blank standards and are available in either 20 ml vials or 7 ml vials. Standards are deoxygenated with pure argon before sealing.

H-3 activity: 5 kBq (300,000 DPM)
C-14 activity: 2,16 kBq (130,000 DPM)
Unquenched standard set for H-3, C-14 and Blank for LCS calibration, 7 ml ampoules - part number 462-307
Unquenched standard set for H-3, C-14 and Blank for LCS calibration, 20 ml ampoules - part number 462-320 
*Contains toluene, UN 1294 for transportation