Light Sources

HORIBA Scientific offers a number of light sources to cover the spectral region from 200 nm - 20 µm which can be mounted directly to our monochromators or can be used by themselves.

With the appropriate adapters, some of the sources may be mounted to our monochromaters along with an optical chopper or filter wheel. Additional adapters and interface kits are available for focusing and launching the light directly into optical fibers.

Types of Sources

TypeSpectral RangeNotes
Deuterium 200-400 nm Good UV lamp generally with higher output than Xenon lamps. Good spectral shape.
Xenon 200-2500 nm Ozone free version: 250 – 2500 nm. Relatively uniform emission up to 800 nm.
Tungsten Halogen 350-2400 nm Continuous spectral output. More stable than Xenon lamps.
Globar 1-20 µm Relatively uniform emissivity over this range.
Mercury Pen Lamp 200-650 nm Has distinct emission lines nominally between 200-650nm. Used as a wavelength calibration source. Contact Factory.

LSH Sources

TypeNotesSpectral Range
100W Tungsten halogen lamp in housing.
Power supply.
350-2400 nm
250W Tungsten halogen lamp in housing.
Power supply.
350-2400 nm
100W SiC Globar.
Power supply.
1-20 µm
LSH-D1684P 30W Deuterium lamp.
Power supply.
200-400 nm

Dual Sources can be configured with two sources which are manually selectable.

TypeNotesSpectral Range
Contact Factory Dual Deuterium (30W) and Tungsten halogen (75W) source.
Includes housing and power supply.
200-2400 nm

Xenon Sources 450W. Ozone free option available.

TypeNotesSpectral Range
FL-1039 450W Xe Light Source with Power Supply and Lamp Housing. 200-2500 nm
250-2500 nm Ozone free
TLS-HP2 High Power / High Purity Tunable Light Source Contact Factory

Light Sources are also available for TCSPC and time-resolved Fluorescence.