Cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL)

HORIBA Scientific's Cathodoluminescence Universal Extension enhances any SEM’s analytical capabilities while maintaining its original functionality. Since the sample is able to remain in the same spot, CLUE can easily be combined with other microscopy applications, such as EDS and EBIC.

CLUE systems can integrate HORIBA's MicroHR and iHR spectrometers, Synapse™ CCDs, and photomultiplier tube detectors to create a range of CL solutions. CLUE is also fully automated, controlled by our LabSpec software for setting of hardware experimental parameters, data-fitting, display and export. It is easy to use and offers comprehensive system control, and advanced data acquisition routines.


Flex-CLUE is the ideal flexible package to handle highperformance CL analysis, for a wide range of applications, within an affordable budget. Based on a dedicated fiber-optic interface, Flex- CLUE offers a compact and remote...