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DSR1 Desktop SEM coater

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The Desk SEM Coater model DSR1 is a compact coating system able to coat carbon film and noble metals such as gold, palladium, platinum and gold/palladium on non-conductive or poorly conductive specimens.

The Desk Sputter Coater model DSR1 is a Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) sample preparation system equipped with a rotary pump to achieve vacuumless than 50 millitorr which is a suitable vacuum range for noble metal sputter coating and carbon fiber evaporation coating. For sputtering deposition of oxidizing metals, field emission SEM (FE-SEM), SEM EDX, and for TEM application, please see the DST1 (Turbo-pumped desk sputtering machine) and DCT (Turbo-pumped carbon coater).


  • Easy to operate
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input
  • User-friendly software to both full-automatic and semi-automatic control
  • Easy loading and unloading of specimens
  • Repeatable film thickness depositions
  • Precisely reproducible coatings
  • High-resolution fine coating (order of 2nm Gold grain)
  • Low voltage sputtering
  • No cooling system is required
  • Carbon coating in both flash and pulse mode
  • Dual carbon fiber to thicker layer deposition
  • Equipped with Plasma cleaner to remove contamination from the sample