Products for SEM

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) are among the most vibration sensitive tools made. Our SEM base is compatible with internal vibration cancellation systems and will remove mechanical vibrations starting below 1 Hz thanks to the Active piezzoelectric system.

Our Mag-NetX™ is an innovative system which provides Active compensation of magnetic field fluctuations, necessary in any tools that incorporate a charged beam, such as SEM, electron beam lithography or transmission scanning microscopes.

SEM-Closure™ is an acoustic enclosure designed specifically for SEMs. Together with SEM-Base™ and Mag-NetX™, a solution is provided to protect sensitive SEMs from all outside interference.

Active Vibration Cancellation System SEM-Base™

Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation Floor Platform for Scanning Electron Microscopes STACIS® iX SEM-Base™ active vibration cancellation floor platform system is designed for use with scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). SEMs are among the most vibration sensitive...

Mag-NetX™ Magnetic Field Cancellation System

Magnetic Field Cancellation System Building upon our advanced control systems engineering and technology to actively sense and cancel building floor vibrations, we now offer Mag-NetX™, an innovative system providing active compensation of magnetic field fluctuations. Designed...


Part number: 30-101-00-00

Part number: 30-101-00-00 Acoustic Enclosure for SEMs SEM-Closure™ is an acoustic enclosure designed specifically for scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Together with TMC’s SEM-Base™ floor platform and Mag-NetX™ magnetic field cancellation, SEM-Closure™ provides a total environmental solution to protect...

Active Vibration Isolation Lab Table

Part number: 20 -90XX -12X

Part number: 20 -90XX -12X Active Vibration Isolation Lab Table Gamma data’s supplier, TMC’s Active Vibration Isolation Table features state-of-the-art vibration control. By integrating the specialized pneumatic CSP® (Compact Sub-Hertz Pendulum Isolation System) for low frequency horizontal vibration isolation with the PEPS-VX® Inertial Damper for...