Pulsed Lasers

The study of chemical reactions over very short time scales, called femtochemistry, requires light sources generating femtosecond short pulses. The so-called pump-probe spectroscopy technique uses several pulses, one to initiate the chemical reaction and the other pulses to observe the progress of the reaction a certain time after it was initiated. 

To reach femtosecond scale, the pulses need to be generated over a wide wavelength range. The femtosecond oscillators we propose here reach pulse length down to 12 fs, are extremely stable and provide top of the art equipment for your lab. These oscillators need to be amplified to reach the energy level requested in femtochemistry. 

Femtosecond Oscillators from Coherent

  • Vitara Family - Hands-free, Ti:Sapphire computer controlled lasers with adjustable wavelength, bandwidth and pulse width.
  • Chameleon Family - Fully automated lasers featuring the widest tuning range.
  • Fidelity Lasers - Powerful femtosecond fiber lasers with groundbreaking short pulse duration.

Nanosecond Lasers from Lumibird 

  • Centurion + (50 mJ) - Air cooled, diode pumped laser, delivering 50 mJ energy in nanosecond pulses at repetition rates up to 100 Hz.
  • CFR (200-400 mJ) - A lamp pumped Nd:YAG laser featuring a degree of ruggedization not found in typical scientific lasers. 
  • Q-smart (100 mJ) - A 100 mJ @ 1064 nm laser with external, modular harmonic modules. 
  • Q-smart (850 mJ) - A high energy, cost-effective laser system.
  • Q-smart DPSS (200-650 mJ) - The most cost effective high performance diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers. 
  • Ultra (50-100 mJ) - A lamp pumped Nd:YAG laser featuring a degree of ruggedization not found in typical scientific lasers.
  • Viron (30-50 mJ) - A diode pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.

Nanosecond Lasers from Coherent 

  • Revolution Lasers - Revolution is the next generation of high reliability, high energy, kilohertz, Q-switched and intracavity doubled Nd:YLF lasers.

Tunable nanosecond lasers from  Lumibird

 Tunable nanosecond lasers from Opotek

  • Radiant series - Tunable laser series utilizes optical parametric oscillator technology to generate wavelengths over a broad range in the UV, VIS and IR.