Sulphur in Oil

Gammadata Instrument provides a series of Sulphur-in-oil instruments from TSHR International for the petroleum industry. 

The instruments comply with pertinent ASTM and ISO methods.The TSHR TS7000 elemental analyzer has proven successful in the determination of the total S content in Diesel fuels following ASTM D5453 Standard Method.

Key advantages of the TS 7000:

  • Robust and compact design with ease-of-use operation through Athena software
  • Accurate, fast and reliable total sulfur analysis down to 30 ppb
  • Automated sampling and injection of liquid samples with HR 7000
  • High performance pulsed UV-Fluorescence detector

International Regulatory Compliance Methods: 

ASTM D5453, ASTM D6667, ASTM D7183, ASTM D7551, GB/T 11141, ISO 20846, SH/T 0689, UOP 987, UOP 989

TS7000 Total Sulfur analyser

TS7000 specs