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Tunable deep UV Laser source for ARPES


Angle-Resolved Photo-Emission Spectroscopy with a Laser

Laser-based ARPES (Angle-Resolved Photo-Emission Spectroscopy) is a form of ARPES that uses a laser as the light source. Comparing to a synchrotron light source, laser-based ARPES offer some advantages: It fits on a table (ok … a large table) and makes experiment schedules independent from rare beam times at synchrotron facilities.

The UV-laser provides an ultra-high energy resolution of down to 0.1 meV while providing a very high photon flux. Moreover, the bulk sensitivity is enhanced and the momentum resolution increased by using low energy photons of around 6 eV. Due to the low photon energy, laser-ARPES probes electronic states near the Fermi level.

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