Radiation Detection in Oil, Scaling

In the oil and gas industri, there is a demand for measuring radioactivity from the naturally occuring radioactive materials (NORM) as a result of the Th-232 and U-238 accumulated in pipes and surfaces. Typically, one have to conside hard scale from decontamination of contaminated equipment as well as sludge waste and contaminated soil. Uncontrolled disposal of NORM contaminated waste, could lead to enviromental pollution and radiation exposure to the public.

Gammadata offers a wide range of instrument for both field and lab applications.

EX-proof dose rate meter - T202

EX-proof - NORM monitor-IS

Part number: NORM-IS-FULL

Part number: NORM-IS-FULL The NORM Monitor-IS (formerly T201) is a ATEX approved instrument with two probe options, Geiger Müller (GM) and scintillator. This enables users to monitor NORM in all conditions. The instrument comes complete with a...

EX-proof - Atex-Fibre

The RADOS AtexP-Fibre is a handheld contamination probe using a beta/low gamma sensitive detector and integrated electronics.  The RADOS AtexP-Fibre is the first contamination probe that complies with the requirements of the ATEX95 equipment directive....

T404 RED - EX proof (ATEX) Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: T404

Part number: T404 The easiest stand alone used personal dosimeter on the market which is also very robust, waterproof and reliable. It’s intrinsically Safe, complies with ATEX EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 137) and safe for use in Explosive Atmosphere...


T402 dose rate meter is based on Geiger Muller tube with very rugged design and easy to use. It has the abillity to measure peak values, means you can measure high...

Contamination Meter - T401

X-ray meter - T406