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SS700 wide area probe for Radhound - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

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  • Scintillating large area surface contamination probe
  • Measure Alpha, Beta or Alfa and Beta depening on detector setup

A series of three ergonomically balanced probes with a square window of 50 cm² and a 64º angled handle. Equivalent to the BP7, there are three versions: alpha only, beta only and alpha/beta (dual phosphor with zinc sulphide bonded to a plastic scintillator) which avoids the traditional use of anthracene in this application and with a comparable response.

Radiation detected: Alpha, Beta and Gamma
Area: 50 cm²
Weight: 500g
Available version:
SS700A = only alpha (ZnS)
SS700B = only beta/gamma (Plastic)
SS700 = Alpha/Beta/Gamma (Sandwich)