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RAM ION - Ion Chamber

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  • Ion chamber for measurement of eye dose H'(3) and skin dose H'(0,07) as rate or accumulated.
  • Deep dose H'(10) available with accessory
  • Measure correct also in pulsed fields
  • Built in memory to store data
  • Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, one hand operation
  • Freeze mode to record the highest dose

The RAM ION is an ionization chamber vented to atmospheric pressure designed for skin dose H'(0.07), eye lens dose H'(3) and optionally deep dose H'(10) measurements. It 's battery operated, auto ranging, designed for measurement of dose rates and dose from gamma, x-ray and beta radiation. It has a smoothed digital readout for minimum fluctuation and a two-decade analog bar graph for fast response.

The RAM ION can also provided an optional bar code scanner which can read bar code labels that identify measurements location. The measurement's data combined with their locations, data and time are stored in a built in memory. The stored data records can be downloaded by the SMARTS (Survey Mapping Automated Radiation Tracking System) or the Rotem Meter View (RMV) software packages.

Avaiable versions;
RAM ION X - special x-ray version (same hardware, just a software modification for accumulated dose measurements, suitable for some x-ray applications)

Measured units: µSv/h. H'(3) or H'(0,07,Z) with lid off.
Measuring Range: 1 µSv/h to 500 mSv/h
Accuracy: ±10% of reading, within the measuring range
Gamma Energy Dependence (Cs-137): Better than ±20% at 20 keV to 1.3 MeV
Angular Dependence (Cs-137): Less than ±5% (for ±120° of front direction)
Ion chamber Volume: 500 cm³
Chamber Wall and Cover Thickness: 300 mg/cm²
                                                     1000 mg/cm² with Tissue Equivalent Barrel (for H*(10) measurement)
End Window Thickness: 7 mg/cm²
Response Time: 2 sec. for readings above 10 µSv/h
                         5 sec. for auto ranging change, from LOW RANGE to HIGH RANGE 
                        (2 sec. + 3 additional seconds for auto ranging delay).
Power Source:  Two 1.5V C-type cells. 100 hours of continuous operation. Automatic battery check
Temperature Range: Operation: -10°C to +50°C 
                              Storage: -20°C to +60°C
Humidity Range: Up to 95% RH (non condensing)
Casing: Splash-proof plastic case
Dimensions: Width 10 cm, Length: 25 cm, Height: 19 cm
Weight: 1100 g