Demo Instrument Sales

Here you will find the demo instrument that for any reason should be sold. Please keep in mind that the instruments can have outdated factory calibration protocols.

AMG - Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter AMG - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

Hidex Automatic Gamma counter is the premier measurement system for high energy gamma emitters, as well as low level gamma activity and environmental samples, suitable especially well for sophisticated research in nuclear medicine and... 295000 SEK ex.moms

Lynx Digital Signal Analyzer

Tuotenro: LYNX-MCA

Tuotenro: LYNX-MCA The Lynx® is the most advanced, full-featured Multichannel Analyzer ever offered. It is a 32K channel integrated signal analyzer based on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. When paired with the computer of choice, the Lynx becomes... 95000 SEK ex.moms


Tuotenro: GR1-A+

Tuotenro: GR1-A+ The Kromek Advanced GR1 (GR1-A) is a USB-powered gamma spectrometer employing the same 1cm3 CZT detector and electronics used in the GR1 but has additional auxiliary input/outputs that greatly increase operational flexibility. The GR1-A is fitted... 70000 SEK ex.moms

TN15 - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

The TN15 high sensitivity thermal neutron detector utilizes a state-of-the-art Silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) in a compact form. The TN15 surpasses the performance of a 100 mm long x diameter 13 mm 3He tube at... 15000 SEK ex.moms

Contamination monitor - T401

Very rugged and easy to use contamination monitor. Measures alfa/beta/gamma with a geiger müller detector. Protection class of main case is IP65 and detector IP34. Battery lifetime typically 100 h. Weight 1 kg. Measures... 6000 SEK ex.moms

Dose rate monitor - T202 EX proof (ATEX)

The Tracerco dose rate monitor has been designed to combine intrinsic safety (ATEX) with ruggedised but lightweight construction and provides additional key operational features such as personal dose integration and peak dose rate memory. 10000 SEK ex.moms

RAD ION - Ion Chamber

Tuotenro: BAK-3741

Tuotenro: BAK-3741 The RAD ION (also called RI-02) is the next generation ion chamber survey meter. This smart meter features accurate dose & rate measurement and programmable modes for alerting the user to posting and... 8000 SEK ex.moms

RAM ION - Ion Chamber

The RAM ION is an ionization chamber vented to atmospheric pressure designed for skin dose H'(0.07), eye lens dose H'(3) and optionally deep dose H'(10) measurements. It 's battery operated, auto ranging, designed... 8000 SEK ex.moms

Radiagem 2000 - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

Ruggidized handheld instrument based on GM-tube with capabillity to connect external smart probes. All probes contain individual calibrations and can be plugged in without switching off the device. 5000 SEK ex.moms

SABG-15 Pancake - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

The SABG-15+ is a part of the CSP (Canberra Smart Probe) and designed for the measurement of surface contamination. Detects alpha, beta and gamma emitters. The probe itself store key parameters, settings, calibrations, probe ID, alarm settings... 3000 SEK ex.moms

MCB2 - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

MCB2 is a stand-alone meter designed for detecting, locating and quantifying radioactive alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray contaminations. MCB2 is delivered with a metallic cover that protects the entrance grid and the thin detector window. This cover is... 2000 SEK ex.moms

Handheld nuclide identifier - PDS-100G/GN ID

The PDS-100G /ID and PDS-100GN /ID are sensitive pocket-sized devices are designed to detect, locate, quantify and identify radioactive sources to discriminate on the spot Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM) and medical isotopes against... 23000 SEK ex.moms

SAM 945 - Demo Instrument Winter Sale

Tuotenro: 945-G

Tuotenro: 945-G The SAM 945 is a handheld nucilde identifier which gives the user real-time information of isotope, isotope class, dose rates and count rates. Is uses a smart phone as display which offer some extra... 50000 SEK ex.moms

GMP-12-3 - gamma probe for RDS-31 - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

Gamma probe for connection to RDS-31. These External Probes enhance the detection capability of the RDS-31 survey meter. The GMP-12-3, GMP-12H-3 and GMP-12L-3 probes are intended for monitoring gamma and X-ray radiation. They have been designed to fulfill both the... 6000 SEK ex.moms

GMP-25 - Alpha/Beta/Gamma probe for RDS-31 - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

The GMP-25 probe is a 'smart probe' for RDS-31-series of handheld instrument. Available as GMP-25 - with fixed spiral cable 30 cm - 1,5 m. GMP-25i - without cables (order sepratly, see... 4000 SEK ex.moms

Survey Meter - LB126


Tuotenro: DEMOINSTRUMENT_LB 126 The LB 126 and is small dose rate meter and an easy-to-be-used handheld instrument for the measurement of ambient dose equivalent H*(10) in gamma radiation fields. It has a sealed proportional counter tube... 7000 SEK ex.moms


A versatile nuclear radiation monitor with external probes. It has very similar properties to the old MINI-900 from NE and offers both Geiger-Müller and Scintillation probes to measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Measures... 5000 SEK ex.moms

Radhound X

Radhound X/E is a versatile instrument with compabillity to the probes from the old mini series. It provides multiple modes of operation, dose, dose rate, saceler timer, count rate graph, peak value.Automatic movent... 7000 SEK ex.moms

SS404(Al) low energy gamma probe for Radhound - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

An end window scintillation probe designed to be an equivalent to the 44A. It incorporates a Ø32 x 2.5 mm thick NaI(Tl) crystal mounted on an aluminium window and is fitted with an... 10000 SEK ex.moms

SS700 wide area probe for Radhound - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

A series of three ergonomically balanced probes with a square window of 50 cm² and a 64º angled handle. Equivalent to the BP7, there are three versions: alpha only, beta only and alpha/beta (dual phosphor with zinc... 9000 SEK ex.moms

SS600 wide area probe for Radhound - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

A series of three large area (100 cm2 window) probes. Equivalent to the BP6/AP2. 3 versions available SS600A = alpha only, SS600B = beta/gamma SS600AB = alpha/beta (dual phosphor with zinc sulphide bonded to a plastic scintillator)... 7000 SEK ex.moms

SS340 side window dose rate probe for Radhound - Demo Instrument Winter Sales

Side window Geiger probe for ambient gamma radiation measurement, to H*(10). 5000 SEK ex.moms

DMC 2000S - Electronic Dosimeter

DMC 2000S is obsolete and replaced by the DMC 3000 version 2000 SEK ex.moms

Electronic Dosimeter - DMC 2000 XB, gamma, x-ray and beta

The DMC 2000XB is obsolete and replaced by DMC 3000 5000 SEK ex.moms

Electronic Dosimeter - DMC 2000 X, gamma and x-ray

DMC 2000X is obsolete and replaced by DMC 3000 4000 SEK ex.moms