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Industrial Lasers

cladding 1We provide lasers that serve a wide range of materials processing and industrial applications and are used to process an abundance of materials from metal, plastics and fabrics to organics like diamond, glass, paper and wood.

Our customers are working within many fields such as Laser Induced Fluorescence, Particle Induced Velocimetry, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, cutting, welding, marking, ablation, surface treatment and many more.

The broad range of technologies provided by our lasers ensure you can find the device that suits your industrial process. Our application engineers are well qualified to guide you through the selection process. 

Many products have to work together and by completing your laser purchase with additional devices from Gammadata, we can ensure your laser performs at its best. Our high quality optical breadboards and tables complement our high performance lasers and remove all vibrations that could ruin your process. All the characterisation equipment such as autocorrelators, power and wavelength meters help you to verify our laser sources are within their specifications. 

We not only deliver products and systems, we install them and provide the necessary technical services to maintain them at the maximum performance. You can be sure that your experiment can run safely and uninterrupted for the best return on your investment.