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The Elemental Metal Infrared Analyzer (EMIA) Series measures gases extracted during combustion in a programmable High Frequency (HF) furnace directly with no conversion.

Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer (EMIA Series) 

HORIBA's advantaged combustion technology makes carbon and sulfur analysis easier with great performance and more sophisticated functions.

The carbon and sulfur analyzers in the EMIA-V2 series, EMIA-8100 series are products of the vastexperience and technology accumulated by HORIBA over many years in the production of equipment for elemental analysis. The variety of models available allows you to select the furnace system that is best-suited to your target samples and applications.
Each model is equipped with unique and sophisticated functions that support accurate and fast carbon and sulfur analysis.


Ramin Lindqvist
Ramin Lindqvist
Product Manager
Mobile: +358 (0)400 570 760

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