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Webinar: How to successfully replace sieving with Dynamic Image Analysis

Would you like to replace tiresome sieve analysis by a fully automated particle analysis technique? Dynamic Image Analysis not only provides more detailed information about your sample, this method also offers a significant reduction in workload without requiring a change of product specifications based on sieve analysis. 

Join our 45-minutes webinar to learn more about what Dynamic Image Analysis has to offer.


How to successfully replace sieve analysis by dynamic image analysis.Topics include:

  • Sources of error in sieve analysis
  • DIA with CAMSIZER instruments
  • Benefits of DIA
  • Particle size and shape definitions
  • Comparability of results with examples

At the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to download a packagecontaining all relevant information, including a recording of the webinar. Participation in the webinar is free of charge. 

Kai Dueffels Application Specialist Retsch Technology GmbH
Joerg Westermann Sales Manager Retsch Technology GmbH

Recommended Reading

Our white paper on Method Comparison in Particle Size Analysis explains the pros and cons of the predominant techniques in particle characterization: sieve analysis, laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis. Systematic differences between the methods are described based on examples.



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