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Gammadata Instrument offers equipment, services and expertise in atomic and nuclear physics, laser and optical measurement technology, high-end microscopy systems, elemental analysis and material characterization, in addition to instruments and equipment for educational classrooms to help teach the future generation about science.

About 70 years ago, Philips built its first commercial electron microscope. This microscope made electron microscopy available to researchers worldwide. Now, 70 years later, electron microscopy plays a fundamental role in research done in various fields, ranging from materials science to life sciences. A big role in making electron microscopy accessible to everybody is played by the Phenom Desktop SEM, originally launched in 2006. Today Thermo Scientific Phenom systems are the most popular desktop SEM on the market.

The CleanImplant Foundation studies hundreds of dental implants on a periodical basis. Dr. Dirk Duddeck, an expert in the field of dental implant research, considers scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to be an essential tool in his quest to expose inferior implants, improve clinical outcomes and protect patients. In this case study, Dr. Duddeck explains how SEM has revolutionized dental implant studies and how it can help manufacturers to improve the cleanliness and safety of dental implants significantly.

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Excellence in creating innovative products and solutions for customers in Life Sciences and Material Sciences is the key to the success of DSM. One of the key competence centers in R&D there is DSM Ahead, located in Geleen, The Netherlands. The research center supports most of DSM’s business entities, including Engineering Plastics, Dyneema, Resins and Nutritional Products. This case study addresses the use of the Phenom Desktop SEM for filtration performance and the system accessibility for all divisions andDr. Arnaud Chiche from DSM Ahead explains how a desktop SEM helped them to optimize their research process by increasing the number of samples that could be screened simultaneously.

Download the case study above.

Thermo Scientific is the leading global supplier of desktop scanning electron microscopes and imaging solutions for submicron scale applications. Phenom SEM-based systems are used in a broad range of markets and applications. Phenom produce the most advanced desktop SEMs available on the market with a complete family of products,from the entry level Pure model through to the class leading ProX, XL and now worlds beating desktop FEG-SEM the Pharos.


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