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Retsch Technology launches the new CAMSIZER M1 as the latest addition to their powerful range of optical particle analyzers. The measuring principle of static image analysis (ISO 13322-1) allows for the precise characterisation of particle size and particle shape of fine powders and suspensions down to the low micron range.

The sample stage of the CAMSIZER M1 may be equipped with various inserts for the evaluation of an area corresponding to eight standard object slides.
The CAMSIZER M1 rises to the challenge!

Key features of the M1:

  • Measurement range: 0.5 μm – 1500 μm
  • 18.1 Megapixel color camera
  • Five different magnifications
  • Objective lenses 2.5x/5x/10x/20x/50x (standard); 1.25x or 100x (optional)
  • Maximum digital resolution: 35 nm


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Silicate Crystals Quality of Metal Powders
The CAMSIZER M1 is perfectly suitable for the analysis of fine API powders and excipients. Both size and shape are recorded and presented in a clear and comprehensible way. Changes in product quality can be registered immediately.
The shape of crystalline material can vary greatly: from elongated or needle-shaped to flaky, rounded or angular. Image analysis with the CAMSIZER M1 characterizes the
shape of crystals based on different parameters like aspect ratio, compactness, convexity, roundness and many more.
Particle size distribution and shape are important quality characteristics of metal powders. For such applications often a narrow size distribution and spherical particles are desired. The CAMSIZER M1 reliably determines defective particles like satellites or fused beads.


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