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Gammadata Instrument offers equipment, services and expertise in atomic and nuclear physics, laser and optical measurement technology, high-end microscopy systems, elemental analysis and material characterization, in addition to instruments and equipment for educational classrooms to help teach the future generation about science.

The latest updates in multiphoton imaging technology

Deep brain imaging with Femto3D-AO microscopes from Femtonics Ltd. These state-of-the-art microscopes are able to measure neural activity in distributed points of a cubic millimeter scanning volume with an astonishing speed (up to 53 kHz/ROI). Anti-mOtion technology is an acousto-optic scanning method developed for correcting motions appeared during in vivo imaging.

3D AO Atlas

The 3D Atlas allows researchers to upgrade any Femtonics upright microscope to include the features of the technologically advanced Femto 3D-Acousto Optic Microscope. A simple upgrade lets you get Femtonics’s crème of the crop product!
An ultra stable design and includes a third generation acousto-optic scanner, in addition to all the features of Femto 3D AO

  • Simultaneous read out of neural activity on both the somatic and dendritic scales
  • Can increase measurement speed and signal-to-noise ratio by several orders of magnitude (over to 1,000,000-fold)
  • Simultaneous imaging of over 2000 neurons/ dendrites/ spines up to 53 kHz/ROI scanning speed


New Femtonics Product Catalog

Femtonics Ltd. is happy to announce the release of their new Product Catalog.

The Catalog showcases our latest products, from Microscopes to Tilting objective, alongside Femtonics products you know and trust, like our 3D-AO Product line.

When it comes to Multiphoton Excitation Microscopy, Coherent recognizes that microscopists, neurologists and biologists should not have to become laser experts to do their work. For this reason we designed and manufacture and expansive line of lasers designed specifically for non-linear imaging. This way, MPE users can focus on their sample, not on the laser equipment.

Confocal & Super-Resolution Imaging

Optogenetics & 3-Photon Imaging

Multiphoton Microscopy

Exceptional beam quality and extremely low noise to optimize your confocal and super-resolution images.

OBIS LX/LS lasers are available from UV to IR and feature integrated control electronics, analog, digital, and mixed modulation modes as well as optional fiber delivery.

Industrial reliability to support your cutting-edge optogenetics studies and 3-photon functional imaging.

The Monaco laser provides a 80 μJ/pulse at 500 kHz housed in a single box that integrates all optical elements and control electronics. This small footprint accommodates easy integration into laser-based tools.

A whole new level of simplicity to streamline your multiphoton imaging. One box widely tunable femtosecond laser for two photon microscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy.

Chameleon Discovery with TOTAL POWER CONTROL is the first turnkey ultrafast source to offer fast modulation on the laser outputs which streamlines multiphoton microscopy setup and optimizes performance.

With the latest imaging techniques demanding the highest resolution we also provide anti-vibration tables from TMC Ametek to ensure the best quality images for your scientific publications.

CleanBench™ Lab Tables

SEM-Base® VI

Everstill™ K-400

Industry-leading lab tables utilizing our proprietary Gimbal Piston® vibration isolation system. Wide variety of applications including AFMs, Interferometers, Confocal Microscopy, IVF, Electrophysiology, and others. Unmatched inertial active vibration cancellation with wide bandwidth starting at 0.6 Hz. Supports virtually all commercial Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), as well as many Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Small Dual Beam instruments. Award-winning benchtop active vibration cancellation platform designed to isolate floor vibrations starting below 1 Hz. Ideal for Optical Microscopes, AFMs, SPMs, Tabletop SEMs, and Metrology Instruments.



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