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Gammadata Instrument offers equipment, services and expertise in atomic and nuclear physics, laser and optical measurement technology, high-end microscopy systems, elemental analysis and material characterization, in addition to instruments and equipment for educational classrooms to help teach the future generation about science.

Axon new compact ulrafast laser source from Coherent

The Axon series is the first family of femtosecond lasers that Coherent has specifically designed for instrumentation and OEM integration.

Axon 920 is ideal for two-photon excitation of green fluorophores and calcium indicators such as GCaMP. Similarly, the Axon 1064 laser is perfect for red-shifted indicators. The laser can be optionally equipped with fully integrated Total Power Control (TPC) for fast power modulation and flyback blanking.

Systems are compact, air-cooled, and engineered with precision so they may be mounted in wide range of orientations and environments. The control unit can be located up to seven meters from the laser head so any heat and noise is isolated to the working area. Integrators further benefit from a common, plug-and-play interface with the same form factor for each wavelength.

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